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June 11, 2012


Get Support 5WCW Message to President Obama


Dear People and Angels: Friends and 5WCW supporters, be you sideliners, cheerleaders or activists:


A high-five! The Thank You campaign to the UN Security General, President of the General Assembly (PGA) was a success! Our emails clogged their in-boxes and they got the message loud and clear that women—and numbers of men, DO want a 5WCW. Now I appeal to you to take your advocacy up a notch!


There are now two women UN ambassadors circulating draft resolutions and lobbying for a UN 5th World Conference on Women in support of The PGA’s Initiative for 5WCW. Resolutions are passed by consensus 90% of the time or with a simple majority. Support from the United States with its influence on other countries is crucial. 5WCW depends upon Obama.--in the short and long run.


We/you can help: Get “Support 5WCW” message to President Obama—through White House channels (see below and personal means). Spread the word on the internet with the statement and 5WCW button/banner. Get organizations to support 5WCW on their websites.

"We support holding the 5th UN World Conference on Women
and call upon our own UN ambassador and those of member
states in the General Assembly to pass the 5WCW resolution
needed to hold it in 2015. We want 5WCW to address new and
emerging issues affecting women and girls since the Beijing
Conference in 1995, to build upon and not re-open previous
UN documents."

5WCW support


There is a broad middle ground of disinterest and fence-straddling at the UN re support for 5WCW. Counted on to be against 5WCW: the Vatican, Iran and some fundamentalist countries that oppose empowerment of women. This coalition defeated acceptance of agreed-upon conclusions re empowerment of rural women at the 2012 Commission on the Status of Women, helped in this case by Israel and the United States objections to the inclusion of a statement about Palestinian rural women. Opposition to 5WCW is also being voiced by women who fear that gains made in Beijing in 1995 would come under attack and be taken away. I understand this fear, and I also see that fear underlies patriarchal efforts to set women back and keep women down. Then there is the perennial argument to discourage women: where do you think we are going to find the money?


Vision and commitment attracts who and what is needed: Goethe said it well: “The moment one commits oneself, then providence moves, too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”


Patriarchs rightfully fear the consequences of a 21st Century intergenerational UN conference of global and local women leaders coming to share, collaborate, and bond with each other in common cause. Thirty-forty thousand came to Beijing in 1995 representing NGOs concerned with women and girls—this parallel conference is where power to change the world for women was germinated and grew. Many more would come to 5WCW to be inspired and appalled, to learn solutions, and to take on or take further personal assignments to make a difference. The effect of Beijing on individuals would be amplified through 5WCW by the millions, via internet technology. The world will be attending this conference through the individuals who attend, twitter, blog and email—and through telecasts and simultaneously organized local conferences. Women from all 193 UN countries would learn that 5WCW was for and and about them - -even if some governments forbid them to come.


If you are going to the Rio + 20 conference, will you be a 5WCW advocate? Print up the “I support 5WCW”graphics and find ways to use them in Rio. Start your own petitions, direct them where they will do the most good. Getting the support of any country will help in the General Assembly. A small group of committed citizens from each country at Rio could be hugely effective.

“Too many people, not enough trees,” is the global warming formula A simple equation that changes this: educate girls, give women reproductive choice, plant and take care of trees.


I believe that this is a historical and cosmological point in time, when what we do (or don’t do) as individuals will add up and make a difference. I believe that 5WCW has been relegated to not being of enough consequence, especially in this election year. Knowing that the White House pays close attention to emails makes going online to do this a significant act. They will add up.


I also invite synchronicity, serendipity and grace via unexpected conversations, introductions, and imaginative ideas followed through--on your part!
With hope, love, optimism, perseverance,


With hope, love, perseverance and optimism,

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Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

P.S. Video clip of Hillary Clinton speaking in Beijing and the whole text of her speech “Women’s Rights are Human Rights, Human Rights are Women’s Rights (click here). It’s as timely now as then. For the Joint Statement by the Secretary General and President of the General Assembly (click here).




1. Send message to President Obama -- A thoughtful /passionate/ real message of your own (once composed send it to others.
Call: Comments 201-456-1111 White House Switchboard 201-456-1414

2. Support the 5WCW statement. Download button/banners, Use creatively and widely online, and at conferences.

Click Here for More of What You Can Do



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