Dr. Bolen has contributed articles to a number of anthologies and has been interviewed for publication many times. The following list shows the name of Dr. Bolen's article followed by the name of the book where it appears and the editor.  Click on the book graphic for more information about the book on

Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversation to 
Re-Shape Our World

Antidote to Terrorism

from Voices of the Sacred Feminine:
Conversation to Re-Shape Our World

Edited by Karen Tate
Changemakers Books (November 28, 2014)

Women's Voices

Artemis and Bear Mothers: Fiercely Protective, Indomitable Women

from Women's Voices
Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture: Vol. 91, Fall 2014

Edited by Nancy Cater and Patricia Rels
Spring Journal & Spring Journal Books

A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: women Creating Change


from A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change

Edited by: Sharon Mijares, Aliaa Rafea, Nahid Angha
Inanna Publications (November 5, 2013)

Women, Spirituality & Transformative Leadership

Creative Acts of Expression Catalyzed in Circles

from Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power
Edited by Kathe Schaaf, Kay Lindahl, Kathleen Hurty and Guo Cheen
Skylight Paths Pub (November 18, 2011)

Get Your Woman On

Transforming Ourselves, Changing the World

from Get Your Woman On! Embracing Beauty, Grace & The Power of Women
Presented by Kimber Lim
Yinspire Media; 1 edition (August 31, 2011)
Click Here for a sample of the Multi-Media Edition


Women Reimagining the World

(Text from a roundtable discussion: Jean Shinoda Bolen, Joanna Macy, Nina Simons, Alice Walker, Akaya Windwood)
From Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the HeartEdited by Nina Simons with Aneke Campbell
Park Street Press; 1 edition (August 13, 2010)

Goddess Shift

Gather the Women

from Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change
Edited by Stephanie Marohm
Elite Books (May 15, 2010)

Healing the Heart of the World

Sacred Fire

from Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life And Your Planet
Edited by Dawson Church, Geralyn Gendreau, Randy Peyser
Elite Books (January 1, 2010)

Art of Living

Still Here

from Art of Living: A Practical Guide to Being Alive
Edited by Claire Elizabeth Terry
Editorial Kairos (June 1, 2009)

Audicious Aging

How to be a Green and Juicy Crone

from Audacious Aging: Eldership As a Revolutionary Endeavor
Edited by Stephanie Marohn
Elite Books (March 15, 2009)

Women of Wisdom

Millionth Circle: Transforming Ourselves and the World"

from Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women
Edited by Kris Steinnes
Wise Woman Publishing, LLC (May 3, 2008)

Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves

Women's Circles Ripple into Peace

from Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves: The Power to Change Within to Change the World
Edited by Dawson Church and Geralyn Gendreau
APC Books (November 2004)

Book of Women's Sermons

Mother Wisdom, Mother Earth, Mother God

From The Book of Women's Sermons: Hearing God in Each Other’s Voices
Edited by E. Lee Hancock
APC Books (November 2004)

The Soul of Creativity

Creativity: The Alchemy of Aphrodite

From The Soul of Creativity: Insights into the Creative Process
Edited by Tona Pearce Myers
New World Library (May 1999)

Soulful Living

Illness and the Search for Meaning (Interview)
Find True Healing (Interview)

Soulful Living: The Process of Personal Transformation
From Personal Transformation Magazine
Edited by Rick NurrieStearns, Mary NurrieStearns
and Melissa West
Health Communications (March 1999)

For the Love of God

Grace, Gratitude, and the Sacred Experiences

from For the Love of God: Handbook for the Spirit
Edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shields

Inner Knowing

Synchronistic Knowing: Understanding Meaningful Coincidence

From Inner Knowing: Consciousness, Creativity, Insight, and Intuition
Edited by Helen Palmer
Jeremy P. Tarcher (December 28, 1998)

Fabric of the Future

Women at the Crossroad

from The Fabric of the Future: Women Visionaries
Edited by M. J. Ryan
Conari Press; 1st Edition (October 1998)

Voicing Power

Living in a Liminal Time

From Voicing Power: Conversations with Visionary Women
Edited by Gail Hanlon
Westview Press (June 5, 1997)

Handbook for the Soul

Windows of the Soul

From Handbook for the Soul
Edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shields
G K Hall & Co (October 1996)


Handbook for the Heart

Breathing in Love

from Handbook for the Heart
Edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shields
Little Brown & Co (T); 1st edition (June 1996)

Feminist Foremothers

Women's Psychology, Goddess Archetypes and Patriarchy

From Feminist Foremothers in Women's Studies, Psychology and Mental Health
Edited by Phyllils Chesler, Esther D. Rothbloom, Ellen Cole
Routledge (January 3, 1996)

On Women Turning 50

An Interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen

from On Women Turning Fifty: Celebrating Mid-Life Discoveries Interviews and Photographs
by Cathleen Rountree
HarperOne; Later Printing edition (April 22, 1994)

Worlds in Harmony

Worlds in Harmony: Dialogues on Compassionate Action

The Dalai Lama with Daniel Goleman, Stephen Levine, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Daniel Brown, Jack Engler, Margaret Brenman-Gibson and Joanna Macy
Parallax Press (September 1, 1992)

To Be a Woman

Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Initiation into the Conscious Feminine

From To Be A Woman: The Birth of the Conscious Feminine
Edited by Connie Zweig
Tarcher; 1st edition (March 1, 1990

Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women

Gods and Goddesses in Everyone

From Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women: Interviews with Leading Thinkers on Health, Medicine, Culture, Society, and Spirit
Editors: East-West Magazine
East West Health Books; 1st edition (April 1989)