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The Greeks have given us a wealth of folklore and myths that are full of meaning for our lives. Among them are stories of the Goddess Artemis and her human counterpart, Atlanta. Their myths are rich with complexity, just like life itself. They give us clues as to how to navigate the zig-zags of our life path. Bolen declares, “Everybody has setbacks, everybody has suffering, everybody losses and wins at certain times of their lives.” She advises us to not give up; to call on the strengths of the Artemis archetype is to persevere without becoming bitter. Bolen encourages us to persist with what gives our life meaning and purpose. You’ll be able to find your own connection with the grit and passion of Artemis in her refusal to give up while facing formidable foes. Greek myths help to illuminate the hero and heroine buried within. They give us inspiration to live into our fullness. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) ($1.99)



(Free interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. Date: 7/9/2014)



(Free interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD Date 1/26/11))



Trees are our essential partners in life on this planet. Not only are they indispensable to our well-being, they are sacred. Bolen’s thwarted efforts to save a magnificent Monterey Pine tree in her yard to those who wanted to have a better view, moved her to look at the anatomy and physiology of trees as well as the archetypal and sacred symbols they represent. Bolen also makes the connection between the oppression of women and girls and the devastation of forests by man. Bolen believes, “If this world was a good place for children and women it would be a hugely different world.” She encourages us to find the cause that has our name on it. According to Bolen, we can do this by applying the following criteria: 1) does it have personal meaning for us? 2) is it fun? And, 3) is it motivated by love? Of the third one she says, “Sometimes it looks like outrage, because what you love is being cut down, or trashed. But the motivation is that you love the principle, or the person, or the animal, or the life, or the planet, or the idea. You are motivated by love, not by revenge, not by ego, not by the kinds of things that diminish you, as you travel the path. This is a path with heart.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms ($1.99)



What wisdom do you have that you can pass on? Have the difficult times in your life left you bitter, seeking someone to blame? Or have they left you juicy with self-awareness, purpose, and humor? Have you become a crone? Join author and Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen as she explores the enormous potential for wisdom in the last third of your life. "Any person who has made a deep connection to nurturing or sustaining others, any person who has been through vulnerability and suffering and has learned some wisdom from it," she explains, can embrace their later years with a depth of understanding that is of value to us all. Available as cd, audio tape and transcript 1 hour ($1.99)



A monkey on an island near Japan begins washing her sweet potatoes in the ocean. In time, all the monkeys on the island are washing theirs; then, all the monkeys on all the other islands are doing the same. "Not logical," says Jean Shinoda Bolen, but "when each of us individually changes" there is a "critical number...after which the culture changes." With this story as an opening metaphor, celebrated Jungian analyst, psychiatrist, and author Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., champions women's circles as sanctuaries for transformation, a million of which could change the world. Circles are fertile ground for changing our hierarchical, patriarchal culture to one of communication, support, and growth. A circle may be a dialogue group, prayer or meditation group, support or project group, but whatever the agenda, its members can create "soul connections" for each other that become "agents of sociological change." Explore the potentials and possibilities of circles, their history, their structure, their ultimate purpose and significance when members uncover "reciprocal revelations" that lead to "sacred dimensions" of their voices and their souls. 1 hour ($1.99)



"It is time to 'gather the women' - for only when women are strong together can women be fiercely protective of what we love." Jungian therapist and author, Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. heard this call and was moved to write, Urgent Message From Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World, exploring the untapped power of women coming together to change our world. Her work has drawn from the Sacred Feminine, which both women and men embody into consciousness and culture. Bolen wants every child in the world to be wanted, to be fed, to be safe, have healthcare and be able to grow and women, she believes, are the ones to bring it about. "I'm not speaking of the need for women to run the world; I'm saying that women need to speak up, speak the truth, in order to bring balance into the world." She speaks about the differences between objectivity and the ability to strategize with the feminine realm of empathy, connectedness and nurturing and how, at this time, our world needs the combination of each. (Hosted by Bec Kageyama) 1 hour ($1.99)



In her work as both a medical doctor and Jungian analyst, Jean Bolen noticed a similarity between serious illness and deep psychoanalytical work: both bring people into a personal “underworld” of fears and secrets. Uncovering these usually hidden realities can be profoundly healing. Here Bolen explains the processes that can turn pain into revelation and sometimes even physical recovery–and why this process is not just for those who are ill. “All of us have a life-threatening condition,” she says. “We will all die–we just don’t know when. So what are we here for? Isn’t that what we need to find? That’s the soul journey.” (hosted by Michael Toms) ($1.99)



There are now some 43 million women in America over 50. With the help of goddess archetypes that every woman can cultivate within herself - older women can revolutionize the way they live and the way they are seen by society. Bolen suggests specific goddess archetypes that embody compassion, fierceness, humor and wisdom in older women. 1 hour ($1.99)

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