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Advocacy UN Fifth Women's World Conference (5WCW)

This will be the first women’s world conference in the 21st century and since the Internet. It could be the largest and most effective gathering of women ever held and a response to Urgent Message From Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World.

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Earth Child Institute

Earth Child Institute programs and initiatives are all about connecting rich and poor in innovative, practical and heart centred ways. We connect kids with kids… teachers with teachers… schools with schools… and everyone always and in all ways with the natural world. We strive to model the loving integrity and strength of Mother Earth to empower action for sustainability.

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Forest Community Schools: A Child-Centered Strategy for Mitigating Leakage in REDD+

Allies for the Greater Good

There is a new global culture growing... It is based upon an old/new set of agreements downloaded into the hearts of human beings whenever they are fully present to their innermost essence. It is being woven from a relational fabric of love and trust and slowly becoming visible, networked and evolved through our new information technologies.

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Standing For Peace
(Every year on Mother's Day)

Bring bells to ring at 1 p.m. to signify the beginning of the five minutes of silence and to ring again to signify the end of the period of silence.

“We are standing for the world’s children and grandchildren and for the seven generations beyond them.
We dream of a world where all of our children have safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, and enough food to eat.
A world where they have access to a basic education to develop their minds and healthcare to nurture their growing bodies.
A world where they have a warm, safe and loving place to call home.
A world where they don’t live in fear of violence—in their home, in their neighborhood, in their school or in their world.
This is the world of which we dream.
This is the cause for which we stand.”

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stand with the women of Ohio.
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The origin of Mother's Day was
a call by Julia Ward Howe in 1870
to the women of the world to come together
'in a general congress of women" of all nationalities
in the great interest of peace.


Application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(Thirty articles follow this preamble)

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,

Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,

Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,

Whereas Member States have pledged themselves to achieve, in co-operation with the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms,

Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge,

Now, Therefore THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY proclaims THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.