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Date March 28, 2011

Dear Friends:

There is good news to share:

  • The 5WCW petition passed 11,000 signatures.

  • The launch of UN Women with Michelle Bachelet.
  • San Francisco Resolution to host 5WCW
  • Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People Can Save the Planet

The launch took place in the soaring General Assembly hall on February 22. Getting in and where we could sit was a lottery. It felt like a synchronicity when I found I was seated in the front row, middle aisle, wearing the blue 5WCW button in the midst of others who also wore them. When Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General introduced Michele Bachelet, it was obvious that this was an accomplishment. There was some teasing later onstage about him being “the man behind the woman,” “the man behind UN Woman.” The program which had celebrities—Ted Turner, Geena Davis, Nicole Kidman (on video), ended with musicians and singers and the song, “I am a UN Woman.”.

Micelle BacheletMicelle Bachelet, M.D., the former president of Chile, is a pediatrician, single mother, an activist who was imprisoned by Pinochet, Chile’s deposed dictator. She has agreed to serve as Under Secretary-General and head of UN Women in a two year contract, which keeps open the option to return to Chile to run for a second term as President. Whether it is a hopeful rumor or potential reality, the word is that she might become the first woman Secretary-General of the United Nations. (on my wish-list!) She has an ease, warmth, rapport with her audiences, and has had to multi-task. After my phone conversation with her, I’d add spontaneity and the ability to convey an auditory twinkle in her eye. I had her attention as I pitched the synergy that would be generated by UN Women with her at the helm, and what a UN CSW could do. She has said in the public that she would support and implement 5WCW which needs to be authorized by the UN through a resolution passed by ECOSOC and /or the General Assembly. If anyone who receives this can influence any of the 192 member states to sponsor and support 5WCW (through one to two degrees of separation), consider taking this as your assignment!

San Francisco began vying to become the host city of UN 5WCW through the initiative taken by Emily Murase, after she returned from participating in the UN CSW parallel events. After impressive wherases, the resolution (3/23/11) states: “the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women supports most enthusiastically the hosting of the United Nations 5th World Conference on Women 2015 in San Francisco and urges our Congressional Delegation and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to work with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice so that she may secure the necessary support among UN Member States to bring the landmark conference to San Francisco.” Lobbying now commences through very savvy women with Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Like a TreeMy roles as 5WCW activist and author comes together in Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People Can Save the Planet. It brings together what is deeply spiritual to me and literally down to earth for trees. It’s about what trees are and what they do for us, the effects of deforestation and related thoughts about “tree people,” the Tao, the Great Mystery, circles with a spiritual center, synchronicity, Findhorn, Jung,
Greenpeace, Hildegard, Artemis, and National Parks. This book had its beginnings when a huge beautiful tree in front of my house was cut down while I was at the United Nations. Not enough trees, too many people is a destructive equation. This contrasts to the benefits of the “Girl Effect,” planting trees, reproductive rights and the empowerment and equality for women. A UN 5WCW would accelerate the possibility of reaching a tipping point. To order:

With love and hope,

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Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

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