Gather the Women, Save the World

Twin Cities Daily Planet
By Norma Smith Olson, Minnesota Women's Press


An interview with writer Jean Shinoda Bolen

The situation: overpopulation, global warming, war and terrorism, domestic violence, threat of nuclear winter-the consequences of patriarchal goals of power acquisition and control?

The solution: gather the women, change the world

"The world can change when women speak from what we know. ... It isn't up to the men, it's up to the women to bring to the table what we know as a gender," Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., recently told the Minnesota Women's Press. "If you have a sister archetype and mother archetype, you can make change. We have a different approach than men." Bolen, a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, also writes and speaks about the importance of women joining together to initiate and make change in the world. She will bring her message to the Twin Cities on Jan. 20, when she is the keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at the inaugural event of a new organization called Honoring Women Worldwide.

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