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I believe that critical-mass, grassroots activism transforms consciousness which in turn, changes history. I believe that humanity is at a crossroads and that what women do in the next few decades with men who are feminists alongside them, will determine the fate of life on this beautiful, abundant planet. I believe the underlying means will be through the proliferation of circles based on spirituality and equality. All Alcoholic Anonymous groups and recovery groups based on AA are circles with a spiritual center. In The Millionth Circle (1999), " the millionth circle" is the metaphoric number that ends patriarchy by bringing circle in balance with hierarchy.

I continue my advocacy for a 5th Word Conference (and Forum) on Women. I envision 5WCW--in 2020, in India, not so much as a goal, but from the feeling that the idea is ripening and that 2020 is the right time, and India with the most active grassroots women's movement and the largest democracy in the world, the right place. 2020 will be  Beijing +25  (25 years after 4WCW in Beijing).  2020 will be the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the constitution that gave American women the right to vote.  2020 is also the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution #1325, on Women, Peace, and Security. By 2020, the United States could have its first woman president and the UN, its first woman Secretary-General. Both to be decided in 2016. 

Activism and individuation (to find a meaningful, inner directed, chosen life-path) come together when the choices we make express who we are and who we are becoming. Once we believe that there is a purpose to life and that we have a soul, then what we do with our life, matters. Archetypes, dreams and synchronicities provide depth and direction, especially during times of transition when one phase of life shifts into the next. When soul and purpose come together, when we follow a path with heart, then we are on course.

for a U.N. Sponsored
5th World Conference on Women

With love, hope, trust, and optimism,
      Jean Shinoda Bolen
Jean Shinoda Bolen
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